Melissa J Rupp

Melissa J. Rupp, M.Ed.
Extension Educator
Family and Consumer Sciences


Fulton County Family and Consumer Sciences offers many educational opportunities to meet the needs of Fulton County residents that promote overall health and wellness.

Programs of focus in Fulton County include:

  • Personal Finance classes and coaching
  • Homebuyers Education
  • Food Safety and Preservation
  • Real Money, Real World personal finance programs for youth
  • Workforce Development Training
  • Lunch and Learns
  • Live Healthy, Live Well email health challenges

Melissa is involved in a variety of partnerships including Fulton County Partners for Health, Children and Family First Council, Fulton County Wellness Committee, Fulton County Jobs and Family Services Advisory Board, HC3, and Ohio Homemakers and Community Education.

What is Family and Consumer Sciences

How prepared are today’s youth for the future?  Family and Consumer Sciences classes in the schools and/or the work OSU Extension does could be the answer. OSU Extension is an important solution for youth and families in our counties.

 View this video created by the Ohio Association of Family and Consumer Sciences demonstrating the knowledge that today's youth have about their future.

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