Every Tuesday morning at approximately 5:50 a.m., we are pleased to be able to broadcast important news, updates and information regarding Fulton County OSU Extension events on WMTR, 96.1 FM.  We hope you find these radio spots informative and useful.

2018 Radio Programs Discussion Date Aired & Run Time
New 4-H Educator, Kayla Miller

Interview of Kayla Miller, new 4-H Educator in Fulton County.



Year End Balance Sheet & Corn/Soybean Day

Discussion of Completing your farm’s year end balance sheet and promotion of Corn-Soybean Day.




2017 Radio Programs Discussion Date Aired & Run Time
Corn-Soybean Day coming up

Promotion on the January 19th Corn-Soybean Day at Founders Hall in Archbold.

Christmas Trees

Discussion of Christmas tree species, characteristics and care.

Chrysta Beck Interview

Interview with Chrysta Beck, Star American FFA Degree recipient, from Pettisville.

American FFA Degree recipients

Introduction of the 7 American FFA Degree recipients from Fulton County who will be recognized this week in Indianapolis at the National FFA Convention.

Fall Burn Down Treatments

Discussion of fall herbicide treatments in cornstalks for no-till soybeans.

Melissa Rupp Interview

Interview of Melissa Rupp the new Family & Consumer Sciences Educator with Fulton County OSU Extension

Safety During Harvest Time

Discussion of driving safety at harvest and other harvest tips for farmers

Palmer Amaranth

Discussion of finding the weed Palmer Amaranth in Fulton County

Farm Science Review and Thank You

Discussion of the upcoming farm science review and a thank you to Junior Fair buyers.

Gypsy Moth and Skillathons

Discussion of an upcoming Gypsy Moth Mgmt program and the Beef-Sheep-Swine Skillathons at Fulton County Fair.

Corn Nitrogen Rates and Fulton Co Ag Hall of Fame

Discussion of corn nitrogen rates and the Fulton Co Ag Hall of Fame nomination process.

RoundUp for Lawns

Discussion of new product called RoundUp for Lawns.

Lawn Fertilizer and Weeds

Discussion of lawn fertilizer and weed control.

Conservation Tillage Conference and NW Ohio Woodland Workshop

Discussion of Conservation Tillage Conference and NW Ohio Woodland Workshop in Swanton.

On Farm Research Discussion of the results of a multi-year On Farm Research trial for soybean seeding rates. 2-7-17/7:20
Year End Balance Sheet

Explanation of how to fill out a simple balance sheet at year end.

2016 Radio Programs Discussion Date Aired & Run Time
Manure and Fertilizer Application Laws A review of the SB 1/SB 150 Manure and Fertilizer Application Laws. 12-20-16/7:57
Corn/Soybean Day, January 20th

Promotion of January 20th Corn-Soybean Day at Founders Hall in Archbold.

Soil Sampling:  Grids vs Zones Discussion of precision soil sampling: Grids vs Zones 11-22-16/8:50
National FFA Ag Science Fair

Recognition of National FFA AgScience Fair placers from Fulton County; interview with Jordan Skates of Pettisville FFA.

American FFA Degrees and Farm Safety

Announcement of the county students who are receiving American FFA Degree this week in Indy and more tips on farm safety.

Harvest Tips and Safety

Discussion of harvest tips and safety for this fall.

Farm Science Review, September 20, 21, 22

Discussion of this week’s Farm Science Review in London, OH

Fulton County Fair

Interview of Dennis Wyse, Fulton Co Fair Board President, on the upcoming Fulton County Fair.

2016 Fulton County Ag Hall of Fame Inductees

Announcement of the 4 Inductees into the Fulton County Agriculture Hall of Fame.

Precision Ag Sprayer Clinic, Breakfast On The Farm, and Fulton County Fair

Discussion of key takeaways from the Precision Ag Sprayer clinic on Aug 9th; promotion of Breakfast On The Farm and Fulton County Fair.

Ben Eggers Interview

Interview with Agronomy intern, Ben Eggers, and promotion of Precision Ag Sprayer Clinic and Youth Skillathons.

ARC-CO and GMO labeling

Discussion of Farm Bill program selection and GMO labeling law that was just passed.

4-H Judging and upcoming field days Interview of Jill Stechschulte on 4-H Judging and a rundown of upcoming field days. 7-12-16/6:40
Precision Ag Day August 9th and Fulton Co. Hall of Fame info.

Discussion of how to nominate for Fulton Co Ag Hall of Fame and information about August 9th ‘s Precision Ag Sprayer Day at the fairgrounds.

Nitrogen Sidedress Rates Discussion of nitrogen sidedress rates in corn and other agronomy issues in the county 6-7-16/5:53
Wheat Scab Discussion of Fulton County crop conditions, wheat scab and Asiatic garden beetle in corn 5-17-16/7:08
Lawn Weed Control Discussion on how to control broadleaf weeds in home lawns 5-3-16/5:00
Earth Day and Weeds ID Program Discussion of Earth Day this Friday and promo of upcoming Weeds ID program 4-19-16/3:27
Cover Crop Termination Discussion of terminating cover crops prior to planting 4-5-16/6:22
Topdressing Wheat Discussion of topdressing our wheat crop 3-15-16/6:30
Big Data Series and Upcoming OSU Extension Programs

Discussion of an upcoming Big Data Series as well as upcoming Fulton OSUE programs.

Soybean Cyst Nematode/Northern Corn Leaf Blight and Swine Grower Mtg.

Discussion of  managing Soybean Cyst Nematode and Northern Corn Leaf Blight.  Promotion of the swine growers meeting on Feb 11th.

Update Your Balance Sheet

Discussion of the components of the farm balance sheet and promotion of Corn-Soybean Day and the NextGen Farm Mgmt Series.

Corn/Soybean Day-January 22, 2016 Review of the Senate Bill 1 Restrictions and promotion of Corn-Soybean Day coming up in January. 12-15-15/7:49
2015 Radio Programs Discussion Date Aired & Run Time
Corn/Soybean Day-January 22, 2016 Review of the Senate Bill 1 Restrictions and promotion of Corn-Soybean Day coming up in January. 12-15-15/7:49
Christmas Tree Selection
Discussion of the four major cut Christmas trees used during the season.  
Upcoming Ag Meetings

Discussion of upcoming Senate Bill 1 meeting and Ag & Natural Resources Issues Workshop at the Robert Fulton Ag Center.

USDA Farm Safety Net Program/Pesticide Applicator Trainings Discussion of the USDA’s farm safety net program and upcoming pesticide applicator training programs. 11-10-15/6:04
SCN Sampling and Fall Marestail Control Discussion of Soybean Cyst Nematode sampling and fall marestail control. 10-20-15/10:10
Prevent Fires in the Field Discussion of preventing field fires during harvest. How to send in weed seed and ear rot samples for screening. 10-6-15/5:59
Monitors and Grain Bin Preparation

Discussion of how to calibrate your yield monitor and suggestions for preparing your grain handling equipment for harvest.

Fulton County Junior Fair Events

A run-down of the junior fair events at the 158th Fulton County Fair.

Agricultural Hall of Fame Inductees

Presentation of the four 2015 Fulton County Agricultural Hall of Fame inductees recognized last night (Monday 8/24) in Archbold.

Turf Rust

Explanation of the factors causing turf rust this year.

Precision Ag Day Wrap Up and Upcoming Beef, Sheep and Swine Skillathons

Explanation of the beef, sheep and swine skillathons.

Manure Management Meeting and Crop Scouting

Discussion of the Manure Management Legislation (SB 1) details and weekly crop scouting update.

Ag Hall of Fame and Precision Ag Day Promos and Spotted Winged Drosophila

Promotion of Ag Hall of Fame applications, Precision Ag Tech Day; Scouting for Spotted Winged Drosophila in Raspberries.

Breakfast on The Farm Summary Discussion of the impact of Breakfast on The Farm to the consumer public 6-30-15/5:58
Breakfast on The Farm June 13 Discussion of Breakfast on The Farm and instructions to attendees 6-9-15/6:01
Wheat Disease and Asiatic Garden Beetles Discussion of early season wheat disease, Asiatic garden beetles and breakfast on the farm 5-19-15/5:10
State FFA Degrees Announcement of the Fulton County FFA youth who earned their State FFA Degrees 5-5-15/4:51
Breakfast on The Farm Discussion of Breakfast On The Farm event being held in Fulton County on June 13th 4-2-15/5:34
Manure Legislation Discussion of Senate Bill 1, Manure Legislation that passed last week and its impact on farmers in Northwest Ohio 4-7-15/7:30
Frost Seeding Clover Discussion of how to frost seed red clover into standing pasture, hayfield or wheat field 3-24-15/6:00
Soybean Seed Treatments Discussion of when soybean seed treatments are needed in Ohio soils. 3-10-15/5:35
USDA County Yields Discussion of USDA county yields 2-24-15/5:00
Managing Cattle for Profit Workshop Review of the Managing Cattle for Profit Workshop with Dr. Steven Boyles 2-17-15/5:29
Accounting Series-Net Income Statement and Corn Soybean Day Wrapup Discussion of the Net Income Statement and its analysis for farm businesses. Includes a quick review of the take home messages from Corn Soybean Day. 1-27-15/8:01
Corn Soybean Day (on site) Rundown of the events happening at today's corn and soybean day at Founders Hall. 1-22-15/6:31
Updating Your Balance Sheet An explanation of the components of the balance sheet and why year end record keeping is important. 1-13-15/6:34


2014 Radio Programs Discussion Date Aired & Run Time
Corn Soybean Day Discussion of upcoming Corn Soybean Day on January 22 at Founders Hall. 12-29-15/4:43
Winterizing Combine Yield Monitors Key steps in winterizing your combine yield monitor to maximize performance next year. 12-16-14/5:40
Farm Bill Questions Discussion of popular questions related to the 2014 Farm Bill and its sign up procedures. 12-2-14/8:06
OFR Narrow Row Corn Discussion of a 2014 narrow row corn trial here in Fulton County. 11-25-14/4:40
OFR Manure Plots This radio show is a report on the results of 3 sidedressed manure plots in Fulton County. 11-18-14/8:40
OFR Series - Insecticide Efficacy on Asiatic Garden Beetles in Corn Discussion of the results of the on farm research trials in Fulton County of soil applied insecticide for control of Asiatic Garden Beetle in Corn 11-11-14/7:07
American FFA Degrees Introduction of the 8 young adults who received the American FFA Degree at the National FFA Convention in Louisville, KY last week. 11-4-14/5:50
Home Invaders and Winterizing Turf Discussion of steps to winterize a home lawn and how to manage stinkbugs and Asian lady beetles. 10-28-14/6:56
Safety on Roadways and ARC-PLC Timeline Discussion of roadway safety during harvest and farm bill decisions related to ARC-PLC 10-21-14/7:35
What is Agritourism? Discussion of agri-tourisum: what it is and how it has evolved. 10-14-14/4:18
Corn Stalk Rots and Test Weights Discussion of corn stalk rots and causes of low test weight. 10-7-14/5:44
Palmer and Weed Seed Screening Discovery of palmer amaranth weeds in Putnam County; Weed seed screening for resistance. 9-30-14/7:33
Wheat Planting Considerations Discussion of key wheat planting considerations to make in the next several weeks. 9-23-14/9:45
Agricultural Fertilizer Applicator Certification (AFAC) Review of the key phosphorus management takeaways discussed at the fertilizer certification meeting last Friday. 9-16-14/8:45
Nutrient Applicator Training Discussion of the nutrient management training being offered at Founders Hall on Friday, Sept 12th. 9-9-14/4:10
Wide Row Wheat Results Discussion of wide row wheat research results that have occurred on Fulton County farms this year. 8-26-14/6:59
Ag Hall of Fame Inductees Four inductees into the 2014 Ag Hall of Fame. 8-19-14/8:02
Precision Ag Tech Day Wrap Up and Upcoming Skillathons Discussion of last week’s PrecisionAg Technology Day and promotion of the August 27th Beef-Sheep-Swine junior youth skillathons at the fairgrounds. 8-12-14/7:05
Precision Ag Tech Day and Farmers Market Week Discussion onsite of Precision Ag Tech Day at the fairgrounds and promotion of national farmers market week. 8-5-14/4:38
Summer Fruit and Vegetable Issues Discussion of summer home fruit and vegetable pests that are showing up. 7-22-14/7:32
Poison Ivy and Precision Ag Technology Day August 5th Discussion of identification and control of poison ivy; promotion of Precision Ag Tech Day Aug 5th. 7-8-14/8:10
Custom Rental Rates and PLH Discussion of some of Ohio’s custom farm rental rates and the recent survey released. 7-1-14/7:02
Soybean Seedling Diseases Discussion of several soybean seedling diseases that have shown up this year in Ohio. 6-24-14/5:25
Ohio Noxious Weeds Law Discussion of Ohio Noxious weeds law including how to control marestail in postemerge corn. 6-17-14/6:20
Pokeweed and Manure Plots Discussion of pokeweed management practices and some of the nutrient efficacy plots being conducted in the county. 6-10-14/5:38
Asiatic Garden Beetle Discussion of the Asiatic Garden Beetle and its effects on corn. 6-3-14/5:35
Celebration of OSU Extension's 100th Anniversary & Weekly Crop Progress  Report 100 Years of Extension 5-20-14/7:03
Lawn Broadleaf Weed Control and Recognition of county FFA members who earned the State FFA Degree   5-13-14/5:58
Turf Tip Die Back and Adjusting Soybean Herbicide programs   5-6-14/8:07
Dead Pond Fish   4-22-14/6:15
Low Tunnel Management   4-15-14/4:49
Wheat Management Practices   4-8-14/7:58
Life of Norman Borlaug   4-1-14/5:21
Promotion of National Ag Day and local Ag statistics   3-25-14/7:08
Cache Valley Virus   3-18-14/5:03
Overholt Drainage School   3-11-4/6:32
Farm Bill Title 11 Discussion of crop insurance provisions 3-4-14/5:23
Farm Bill Title 1 Summary   2-25-14/6:59
Swine Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea (PED)   2-18-14/7:04
SMS Precision Ag Software Workshop and Northwest Ohio Berry School   2-11-14/4:54
Ohio Senate Bill 150   2-4-14/6:33
Accounting Series-Statement of Changes in Owner's Equity   1-28-14/6:37
Accounting Series-Cash Flow Statement   1-21-14/5:47
Accounting Series-Net Income Statement   1-14-14/6:41
Your Farm's Balance Sheet   1-1-14/6:56
2013 Radio Programs Date Aired & Run Time
Christmas and Outlook Meeting Review 12-24-13/6:31
Farmland Leasing 12-17-13/4:13
Grain Marketing Programs 12-10-13/4:05
Christmas Trees 12-3-13/8:45
Deer/Gun Season in Ohio 11-26-13/4:18
Fall Herbicide Options/Local Programs 11-19-13/5:14
Current Agricultural Use Valuation (CAUV) 11-5-13/5:47
American FFA Degree Finalists-Isaac Schaffner (Wauseon, Vicki Nofziger (Pettisville), and Nathan Brehm (Delta) 10-31-13/6:51
American FFA Degree Candidates-Sarah Kovar (Fayette and Olley Short (Archbold) 10-30-13/5:51
National FFA Finalists-Jeremy Ruger (Wauseon), and Chrysta Beck (Pettisville) 10-29-13/7:21
Home Invaders and Winterizing Turf 10-22-13/6:56
Fall Soil Testing 10-15-13/5:09
Palmer Amaranth Weed 10-8-13/9:13
Cereal Rye-A Cover Crop with Feed Value 10-1-13/4:50
What is Agritourism? 9-26-13/4:18
Wheat Planting Considerations 9-17-13/7:42
Cover Crop Twilight Meeting and Farm Science Review 9-10-13/6:10
August Insects/Fair Shows 8-27-13/8:30
2013 Fulton County Agricultural Hall of Fame Inductees 8-20-13/8:31
2013 Corn Yield Estimating and Bean Leaf Beetle Scouting 8-13-13/7:42
Beef/Sheep/Swine Skillathons 8-6-13/6:58
NW Ohio Precision Ag Day-Corn Pollination 7-30-13/6:52
Fungicide Application Decisions 7-16-13/4:43
Turf Rust 7-9-13/6:01
Soybean Diseases 7-2-13/6:34
Wheat Field Day, June 20th 6-18-13/4:16
Post Wheat Harvest Options 6-4-13/7:40
Promotion of Sustainable Farm Tour and Farm Service Agency key dates 5-28-13/6:12
New Lawn Establishment 5-14-13/7:10
State FFA Convention Review 5-8-13/4:55
Farm Safety on Our Rural Roads 5-7-13/5:04
Wheat Growth Stages 4-30-13/6:30
Corn Planting Considerations 4-23-13/6:45
Peas, Mushrooms, and Downy Mildew on Impatiens 4-16-13/5:34
Lawn Fertilization in Spring 4-9-13/6:06
Fine Tune Your Sprayer and Commercial PAT 4-2-13/5:45
Pyroxasulfone and March weather 3-26-13/5:35
Wheat Density and Sidedress-Grafting 3-19-13/7:35
P-Kimmobility-Planter Adjustments 3-12-13/7:20
NextGen Wrap Up 3-5-13/6:20
Ag Outlook Meeting 2-26-13/6:20
Conservation Tillage Conference 2-19-13/4:07
Review of Drainage Water and Nutrient Managment Workshop Jan. 31st 2-12-13/4:40
Review of Corn/Soybean Day (Part 2) 2-5-13/8:32
Review of Corn/Soybean Day (Part 1) 1-29-13/5:37
Upcoming Events 1-22-13/4:32
NextGen Farmers Series 1-15-13/4:15
American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 & Century Farms 1-8-13/5:09
Computerized Record Keeping Advantages 1-3-13/4:53