References for Agronomic Crop Production in Fulton County

2018 Northwest Ohio Precision Planter Day YouTube Video

2018 Fulton County Barley YouTube Video

Holland Strip Till Trial YouTube Video

Conrad Soybean Seeding Rate Trial YouTube Video

2013 Corn/Soybean Day Presenter Summary

Agronomic Crops Network

Information for Private Pesticide and Fertilizer Applicators

Eric's Pesticide-Fertilizer RECORD KEEPING FORM
Pesticide Applicator Search - Website from Ohio Department of Agriculture - user can check status of recertification credits
Pesticide License Online Renewal for Private Applicators
New Private Pesticide Applicator application
Listing of current restricted use products in Ohio along with category license needed to buy these products.
Ohio Private License Recertification Dates and Training/Testing Schedule

Ohio Crop Performance Trials

Ohio Crop Performance Trials (Corn, Soybeans, Wheat)


Fulton AgNR Newsletter is Fulton County's Agriculture Newsletter with local events and stories from OSU Extension - Fulton County.
Crop Observation and Recommendation Network Newsletter - Weekly newsletter focused on production, insect, disease and weed issues in Corn, Soybean, Wheat and Forages from Ohio State University Extension.

Economics in Crop Production

Ohio Crop Budgets.  A comprehensive look at fixed and variable costs along with income, so operators can look closely at net profit by enterprise.  Recent additions are in Microsoft Excel format and can be easily changed to reflect your cost and receipts.

Custom Rates for Ohio - Survey of rates charged for field activities and other farm operations.

Chicago Board of Trade - latest commodity trading activity.

Local Cash Grain Prices for Toledo


Northwest Research Branch Station - Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center.  A complete weather report from the weather station located at the branch station in Hoytville.  Includes temperature, precipitation, wind speed and soil temperatures.  User can select dates of interest.

National Weather Service 7 day forecast and latest weather radar loop from Northern Indiana.

Palmer Drought Index

Soils of Fulton County

Web Soil Survey

Local Research

Summary of Local Agronomic Research Projects

Summary of Trapping for First Year Corn Rootworm 1999-2007