The 18th annual Corn-Soybean Day was held on January 19, 2024 at Founder's Hall in Archbold. This regional agronomy meeting is a key event for producers, agronomists, and industry professionals seeking the latest row crop insights and research. 

Speakers included Mr. Glen Arnold, Dr. Stephanie Karhoff, Mr. Alan Leininger, Mr. Kendall Lovejoy, Dr. Osler Ortez, and Mr. Kyle Verhoff from OSU Extension and Dr. Christina DiFonzo from Michigan State University. A wide range of topics were covered, offering valuable perspectives on the latest trends, innovations, and best practices in production agriculture. Additionally, over 30 businesses and industry leaders were on-site for networking and engagement.  On top of that, participants were offered Ohio Private and Commercial Fertilizer and Pesticide credits. Additionally, Michigan Pesticide and CCA credits were available to attendees who stayed throughout the duration of the event.  

Speaker Presentations