Ractopamine Free Swine Exhibition Letter

Parent or Legal Guardian Affidavit for Never Fed Ractopamine Hydrochloride (Beta Agonist) to Swine

Producer Affidavit for Never Fed Ractopamine Hydrochloride (Beta Agonist) to Swine


Ohio State Fair Dog Identification Form and Vaccination Certificate (due August 1, for any dog exhibiting at Fulton County Dog 4-H Fun Match or Junior Fair events)

2021 Showmanship Question Set for Juniors (ages 8-11)

2021 Showmanship Question Set for Intermediate (ages 12-14)

2021 Showmanship Question Set for Seniors (ages 15-18)

Obedience Score Sheets

Showmanship Score Sheet

Rally Score Sheets

Agility Score Sheets

Trick Dog Certification Checklist

To see all the Ohio Dog 4-H rules and regulations, click here 

Ohio State Fair Dog Show entry information


2020 Horse PAS Show Canceled due to COVID-19

PAS Horse Show Registration Information and Entry Form (online)

PAS out of county form

PAS Rules and Information (state website)

Ohio 4-H Horse Program

Horse Identification Form

Horse Leasing Guidelines with Identification Form

Horse Permission to Participate (release of liability)

Horse Jump Release Form

Safety and Ethics Training Form


Junior Fair Board Application

2021 Fulton County Steer ID Card

Junior Born and Raised Market Beef Steer Application Form

Scrapie Record Card (for goats and sheep)

Junior Born and Raised Market Lamb Application Form

Tag-In Day Registration Form

2021 Fulton County Junior Fair Judges (coming soon)

Junior Fair Livestock Sale Draft Catalog

Junior Fair King & Queen application

JUNIOR FAIR ENTRIES  (only online entries will be accepted in 2020) - DUE AUGUST 1

Please read and follow the instructions below before entering your online entry.  This is VERY IMPORTANT because there is information included in these instructions to help you through the process and make sure everything is entered.  Click on one of these links for the instructions:  

Instructions "To Make An Online Entry for a Group" (2 or more youth in a family)

OR Instructions  "To Make An Online Entry for an Individual"

Blue Ribbon Online Top Ten Discussion Points (this has more information regarding how to make a Jr. Fair online entry)

Click here to make your JUNIOR FAIR ON-LINE ENTRY for the following animals:

Junior Beef Breeding

Junior Fair Steers

Junior Fair Feeder Calves

Junior Dairy Cows

Junior Dogs

Junior Goats

Junior Hogs

Junior Fair Horses

Junior Fair Poultry

Junior Rabbits

Junior Sheep


Leasing a Dairy Cow

Leasing a Goat

Leasing a Rabbit

Leasing a Dog