Every Tuesday at approximately 5:50 a.m. and again at 12:00 noon, we are pleased to be able to broadcast important news, updates and information regarding Fulton County OSU Extension events on WMTR, 96.1 FM, Archbold, Ohio.  Listed below are the radio shows, listed by program area (Agriculture, 4-H, & Family & Consumer Scienes) and their air date that we have produced.  We hope you find these radio shows informative and useful.

2023 Radio Shows

Kendall Lovejoy
Extension Educator
Agriculture & Natural Resources

Sara Lewis
Extension Educator
4-H Youth Development

Melissa J. Rupp
Extension Educator
Family & Consumer Sciences

Introducing the New AgNR Educator: Kendall Lovejoy

Aired: 2-7-2023


Family & Consumer Sciences Programming in Fulton County

Aired: 2-28-2023

National Ag Day & eFields Research Promo

Aired: 3-21-2023


Get your Vitamin N (nature)

Aired: 3-28-2023

Farm-On Financial Management Course & NRCS EQIP Program

Aired: 4-11-2023


Preparing for an Emergency!

Aired: 4-4-2023

Weather/Planting Update & Alfalfa Weevil Scouting

Aired: 5-2-2023



Crop Update & Fulton County Agriculture Hall of Fame

Aired: 7-4-2023



2022 Radio Shows

Eric Richer
Extension Educator
Agriculture & Natural Resources

Sara Lewis
Extension Educator
4-H Youth Development

Melissa J. Rupp
Extension Educator
Family & Consumer Sciences

First Frost Dates and Wheat Planting

Aired:  10-4-2022


Bagworms in our Landscape (Arborvitaes)

Aired:  9-20-2022


2022 Agricultural Hall of Fame Announcement

Aired: 8-23-2022


Farm Storage Facility Loan Program

Aired: 5-17-2022


Homeownership Month

Aired: 6-21-2022

Spring Lawn Fertilizer Applications

Aired: 5-3-2022


Planning Food for Large Parties

Aired: 5-10-2022

Spring Burndown Options

Aired: 4-26-2022

Fulton County 4-H Camp Welcomes You

Aired: 4-19-2022

Easter Eggs: Safe Food Handling

Aired: 4-12-2022

Solar Development

Aired: 3-29-2022

Making Meetings Fun & Engaging

Aired: 3-14-2022

Saving Money in the Grocery Store

Aired: 3-22-2022

Using the Corn Nitrogen Rate Calculator 

Aired: 3-1-2022

Ohio 4-H Week

Aired: 3-8-2022


Corn Nitrogen Sources

Aired: 2-15-2022


Starting to Save when Money is Tight

Aired: 2-22-2022

Farmer Education Series

Aired: 2-1-2022

Joining 4-H FAQs

Aired: 2-8-2022


Carbon Markets- Indigo Ag Interview

Aired: 1-25-2022


Time to Update Your Balance Sheet

Aired: 1-4-2022

Choosing the Right 4-H Club

Aired 1-11-2022

2021 Radio Shows

Eric Richer
Extension Educator
Agriculture & Natural Resources

Jordan Beck
Extension Associate
Water Quality

Sara Lewis
Extension Educator
4-H Youth Development

Melissa J. Rupp
Extension Educator
Family & Consumer Sciences

Corn Soybean Day

Aired: 12-7-2021


20 Tips for Saving


Christmas Trees

Aired: 11-23-2021

All About Phosphorus

Aired: 11-30-2021


Wettest October

Aired: 11-2-2021


Debunking Turkey Myths

Aired: 11-17-2021

First Frost Dates

Aired: 10-19-2021


Pumpkin Spice


Harvest Safety Tips

Aired: 10-5-2021


Emotional Wellness


Wheat Planting Considerations

Aired: 9-14-2021


The Life of 4-H After Fair

Aired: 9-21-2021

Food Labels

Aired: 9-28-2021

Fulton County Ag Hall of Fame Inductees

Aired: 8-24-2021

Cover Crops after Wheat

Aired: 8-31-2021


Tri-State Precision Ag Tilage Conference

Aired: 8-10-2021


Double Crop Soybeans

Aired: 6-15-2021

Nutrient Management Plans

Aired: 6-29-2021


Fulton Co Ag Hall of Fame and Small Grains Field Day

Aired: 6-2-2021


Sun Safety

Aired: 6-8-2021

Dandelions - Planting Progress - Safety

Aired:  5-4-2021


Fulton County 4-H Camp

Aired 5-11-2021

Pedestrian Safety

Aired:  5-25-2021

Spring Lawn Fertilizer applications

Aired:  4-20-2021


Welcome Sara Lewis to the OSU Extension-Fulton County office and a brief update on the status of 4-H programs and deadlines by Sara Lewis and Melissa J. Rupp

Aired:  4-13-2021

Meal Prepping

Aired:  4-27-2021


Soil Health: How to Test for it and understanding the results 

Aired:  3-30-2021


4-H Enrollment deadline (April 1) with a new procedure for 2021.  Also announcing our new 4-H Educator, Sara Lewis

Aired:  3-23-2021

Applying Spring Nitrogen to Wheat

Aired:  3-16-2021


Financial choices with consumer decisions AND a shout out for Ohio 4-H Week

Aired:  3-9-2021

Farmland Leasing

Aired:  3-2-2021


Establishing an Emergency Fund

Aired:  2-23-2021

The Pesticide Recertification Process

Aired:  2-1-2021


The Cost of Interest (credit cards)

Aired:  2-9-2021

Update Balance Sheet

Aired:  1-19-2021


Word of the Year

Aired:  1-12-2021

2020 Radio Shows

Eric Richer
Extension Educator
Agriculture & Natural Resources

Kayla Miller
Extension Educator
4-H Youth Development

Melissa J. Rupp
Extension Educator
Family & Consumer Sciences

Discussion of the upcoming Corn & Soybean Day 

Aired:  12-15-2020

Giving Tuesday

Aired:  12-1-2020

Holiday Spending

Aired:  12-8-2020

Discussion of selecting a live Christmas Tree for your home

Aired:  11-24-2020

Honoring Veterans

Aired:  11-10-2020


Discussion of fall weed control and soybean variety trials

Aired:  11-3-2020

Trick or Treat Tips

Aired:  10-27-2020


Harvest and farm safety tips

Aired:  10-6-2020

Volunteerism on Boards

Aired:  10-20-2020


Promotion of Farm Science Review

Aired:  9-16-2020

Farm Science Review (virtual)
Sept. 22-24, 2020 - click here for more info.


Resiliency of Youth

Aired:  9-22-2020

Food Preservation by Blanching and Freezing

Aired:  9-29-2020

Discussion of why wheat is a water quality crop and what you should consider before planting this fall.

Aired:  8-18-2020

Find A Way or Make Your Own Way

Aired:  8-25-2020


Discussion of multi-species cover crop mixes after wheat

Aired:  8-4-2020

2020 Still Project Judging Results

Aired:  7-21-2020

Back in the office and upcoming events for Extension ( a little on the fair)

Aired:  7-28-2020

Request for Ag Hall of Fame applications, identifying pigweeds and double crop soybean considerations

Aired:  7-7-2020

Junior Fair Only and Citizenship

Aired:  6-23-2020

Fall Vegetable Gardens

Aired:  7-14-2020


Ohio State Fair Canceled

Aired: 5-26-2020

Money management coming out of three-month quarantine

Aired:  6-9-2020


Going from Ready for Fair? to Will there be a Fair?

Aired:  5-12-2020


Virtual 4-H Camping

Aired:  4-28-2020


Should I take a livestock project?

Aired:  3-31-2020

Work Hard, Have Fun, Choose Kind, and Be Present

Aired:  4-14-2020

Coronavirus and Kids

Aired:  3-17-2020

Financial Well-being and Resources during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Aired:  3-24-2020

When Your Financial World is Turned Upside Down

Farm Bill Decisions - Summary of decisions that need to be made prior to March 16, 2020

Aired: 2-4-2020

Joining 4-H and FAQ's

Aired:  2-25-2020

Downsizing Your Home:  Letting Go of the Clutter

Aired:  2-11-2020

Farm Bill Decisions

Aired:  1-21-2020

"Kids These Days" Technology Addicted

Aired:  1-28-2020


Updating Your Farm's Balance Sheet & the Upcoming Corn-Soybean Day on January 17, 2020

Aired:  1-7-2020


Clutter Free Living

Aired:  1-14-2020

For a fact sheet on Dealing with Household Clutter, click here.  We hope you fi

2019 Radio Shows

Eric Richer
Extension Educator
Agriculture & Natural Resources

Kayla Miller
Extension Educator
4-H Youth Development

Melissa J. Rupp
Extension Educator
Family & Consumer Sciences

January 17, 2020 Corn Soybean Day

Aired:  12-31-2019

Artificial Christmas Trees- Sustainable or Not?

Aired:  12-24-2019

Holiday and Grief

Aired:  12-10-2019

Christmas Trees

Aired:  12-3-2019

Annual 4-H Advisor Recognition Banquet

Aired:  11-26-2019

Let's Talk Turkey:  Preparing for Thanksgiving Dinner, How to Select, Cook and Store Your Turkey

Aired:  11-19-2019

Delayed Harvest and It's Impact on Yield and Quality

Aired:  11-4-2019


Eating Better On A Budget

Aired 11-12-2019

Harvest Safety Tips

Aired:  10-22-2019

She's Not In Right Now

Aired:  10-29-2019


First Frost Dates in Fulton County

Aired:  10-1-2019



Introduction of our new SNAP-Ed Program Assistant and 10 tips for Varying Protein in your diet

Aired:  10-15-2019

Farm Science Review promotion and Communicating With Farmers Under Stress program

Aired:  9-17-2019


How to Become a 4-H Advisor

Aired:  9-24-2019


PeeWee Dairy Cow Showmanship and Junior Fair Livestock Sale

Aired:  9-3-2019

Supporting the Livestock Sale

Aired:  8-27-2019


Introduction of the 2019 Fulton County Agricultural Hall of Fame Inductees

Aired:  8-20-2019

The Chance to Win $1,000

Aired:  8-6-2019

The Versatile, Healthy Zucchini

Aired:  8-13-2019

Market Facilitation Program and cover crop seed testing

Aired:  7-30-2019

Citizenship Washington Focus Interview with Emma Vaculik

Aired:  7-23-2019


Discussion on Breakfast On The Farm Wrap Up and reporting deadline extended for Preventive Plant Crop Insurance

Aired:  6-18-2019


What is the Fulton County 4-H Endowment fund and why should you donate if you already support 4-Hers at the Fulton County Junior Fair Livestock sale?

Aired:  6-25-2019

Sun Safety

Aired:  7-9-2019

Discussion of delay of planting, crop insurance and promotion of Breakfast On The Farm

Aired:  6-4-2019



Breakfast On The Farm June 15, 2019 and ServSafe Level 2 Class June 26 and June 27

Aired:  6-11-2019

Discussion of Master Gardner Hotline and utilizing the prevented plant tool for corn.

Aired:  5-21-2019

Reigning with Pride

Aired:  5-28-2019

Interview with our new Summer Program Assistant, Courtney Krieger

Aired:  5-14-2019

Planting progress and Safety Grain C.A.R.T. training

Aired:  5-7-2019


Decluttering Paper

Aired:  4-30-2019



Digital Disconnect: reducing your cell phone addiction

Aired:  4-23-2019

Variable Rate Fertilizer

Aired:  4-2-2019


Come to 2019 Fulton County 4-H Camp

Aired:  4-16-2019


Aired:  4-9-2019

Discussion of 5 upcoming programs at our local Extension Office.  Defining USDA Small Farms

Aired:  3-5-2019

Benefits of Raising an Animal

Aired:  3-26-2019

Saving Money

Aired:  3-12-2019

The Private Pesticide License Recertification Process

Aired:  2-5-2019

Why 4-H?

Aired 2-26-2019

Heart Health

Aired 2-12-2019

Upcoming Sheep/Goat Program and Gretchen Lee, State FFA Officer

Aired:  1-29-2019


Corn-Soybean Day January 18

Aired 1-15-2019

I Hope Your Kid Loses

Aired 1-22-2019

Self Reflection

Aired:  1-8-2019

Farm Balance Sheet & Promotion of Corn-Soybean Day

Aired: 1-1-2019


2018 Radio Shows

Eric Richer
Extension Educator
Agriculture & Natural Resources

Kayla Miller
Extension Educator
4-H Youth Development

Melissa J. Rupp
Extension Educator
Family & Consumer Sciences

Not a Holly Holly Christmas

Aired:  12-18-18

Healthy Eating During the Holidays

Aired:  12-11-2018

Christmas Tree Selection and Care of cut Christmas trees

Aired:  11-20-2018

  Reflecting back on 2018

Aired:  12-4-2018

Discussion of 2 upcoming programs (Pesticide Applicator Training and Beef Quality Assurance) and a short report on Lake Erie Algal Bloom for 2018

Aired:  11-6-2018

Older Youth Opportunities Abound and Abroad

Aired:  11-27-2018

National FFA Convention Report from Gretchen Lee, State FFA Officer
Aired:  10-30-2018



Discussion of harvest safety
Aired 10-2-2018


National 4-H Conference
Aired 10-23-2018

Discussion of the new things at the annual Farm Science Review in London, Ohio
Aired:  9-18-2018

What Happens to 4-H After Fair?
Aired:  9-25-2018

Discussion of yield results of winter barley study
Aired:  9-11-2018

Announcement of the 2018 Fulton County Agriculture Hall of Fame Inductees.
Aired:  8-21-2018

Be a Great Fairgoer
Aired:  8-28-2008
Celebrating Food Choices at the County Fair
Aired:  9-4-2018

Discussion of upcoming August Ag Events at the Robert Fulton Ag Center
Aired:  8-7-2018
  What is Extension Family and Consumer Sciences?
Aired:  8-14-2108

Discussion of August 14th Precision Planter Day
Aired 7-16-2018

4-H and Junior Fair, How They Fit Together
Aired 7-24-2018


Interview with Gretchen Lee, Ohio FFA Secretary
Aired:  7-3-2018


  8 Reasons to Eat Dinner As a Family
Aired 7-10-2018

Gypsy Moth awareness and announcment of 2019 Breakfast On The Farm at Henricks & Krieger Dairy Farm
Aired:  6-19-2018

The Other Side of 4-H, Still Project Judging"
Aired:  6-26-2018


OSU Extension Intern, Alexis Howell
Aired:  6-5-2018
  Summer Food Safety
Aired:  6-12-2018
Gypsy Moth and Delayed Planting
Aired:  5-15-2018

A Brief History of Fulton County Extension
Aired:  5-29-18

Growing Degree Days
Aired:  5-1-2018
School Winds Down, 4-H Ramps Up
Aired:  5-22-18
Spring Cleaning Your Refrigerator and Pantry
Aired:  5-8-2018

Master Gardener Hotline and
Early Spring Lawn Maintenance and using a Crabgrass Preventer.

Aired:  4-17-2018

Fulton County 4-H Camp and 4-H Camp Palmer
Aired 4-24-2018


Early planted soybeans and two upcoming programs
Aired:  3-20-2018

Transition from conventional to organic cropping systems
Aired:  3-6-2018

Quality Assurance: What It Is and Why We Do It?
Aired:  3-27-2018
7 Tips for Creating a Successful Budget
Aired:  3-13-2018
Fulton County Dairy History
Aired:  2-20-2018
Decisions, Decisions - Choosing a 4-H Project
Aired:  2-27-2018

Taking Your Farm a Different Direction
Aired:  2-6-2018


New 4-H Educator, Kayla Miller
Aired: 1-16-2018

Joining the Right 4-H Club
Aired: 1-30-2018

Healthy Food Habits
Aired:  2-13-2018
Year End Balance Sheet
Aired:  1-9-2018