Every Tuesday at approximately 5:50 a.m. and again at 12:00 noon, we are pleased to be able to broadcast important news, updates and information regarding Fulton County OSU Extension events on WMTR, 96.1 FM, Archbold, Ohio.  Listed below are the radio shows, listed by program area (Agriculture, 4-H, & Family & Consumer Scienes) and their air date that we have produced.  We hope you find these radio shows informative and useful.

2020 Radio Shows

Eric Richer
Extension Educator
Agriculture & Natural Resources

Kayla Miller
Extension Educator
4-H Youth Development

Melissa J. Rupp
Extension Educator
Family & Consumer Sciences

Giving Tuesday

Aired:  12-1-2020


Discussion of selecting a live Christmas Tree for your home

Aired:  11-24-2020

Honoring Veterans

Aired:  11-10-2020


Discussion of fall weed control and soybean variety trials

Aired:  11-3-2020

Trick or Treat Tips

Aired:  10-27-2020


Harvest and farm safety tips

Aired:  10-6-2020

Volunteerism on Boards

Aired:  10-20-2020


Promotion of Farm Science Review

Aired:  9-16-2020

Farm Science Review (virtual)
Sept. 22-24, 2020 - click here for more info.


Resiliency of Youth

Aired:  9-22-2020

Food Preservation by Blanching and Freezing

Aired:  9-29-2020

Discussion of why wheat is a water quality crop and what you should consider before planting this fall.

Aired:  8-18-2020

Find A Way or Make Your Own Way

Aired:  8-25-2020


Discussion of multi-species cover crop mixes after wheat

Aired:  8-4-2020

2020 Still Project Judging Results

Aired:  7-21-2020

Back in the office and upcoming events for Extension ( a little on the fair)

Aired:  7-28-2020

Request for Ag Hall of Fame applications, identifying pigweeds and double crop soybean considerations

Aired:  7-7-2020

Junior Fair Only and Citizenship

Aired:  6-23-2020

Fall Vegetable Gardens

Aired:  7-14-2020


Ohio State Fair Canceled

Aired: 5-26-2020

Money management coming out of three-month quarantine

Aired:  6-9-2020


Going from Ready for Fair? to Will there be a Fair?

Aired:  5-12-2020


Virtual 4-H Camping

Aired:  4-28-2020


Should I take a livestock project?

Aired:  3-31-2020

Work Hard, Have Fun, Choose Kind, and Be Present

Aired:  4-14-2020

Coronavirus and Kids

Aired:  3-17-2020

Financial Well-being and Resources during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Aired:  3-24-2020

When Your Financial World is Turned Upside Down

Farm Bill Decisions - Summary of decisions that need to be made prior to March 16, 2020

Aired: 2-4-2020

Joining 4-H and FAQ's

Aired:  2-25-2020

Downsizing Your Home:  Letting Go of the Clutter

Aired:  2-11-2020

Farm Bill Decisions

Aired:  1-21-2020

"Kids These Days" Technology Addicted

Aired:  1-28-2020


Updating Your Farm's Balance Sheet & the Upcoming Corn-Soybean Day on January 17, 2020

Aired:  1-7-2020


Clutter Free Living

Aired:  1-14-2020

For a fact sheet on Dealing with Household Clutter, click here