June 3, 2024 - 9:28am -- newcomb.84@osu.edu

The Fulton County Agriculture Hall of Fame is once again seeking nominations for its next class of inductees. Established in 1983, the Hall of Fame celebrates the profound impact of the agriculture industry on Fulton County, honoring over 160 members for their outstanding contributions to our community. Induction into the Hall of Fame represents the highest recognition for members of the agricultural industry who have significantly contributed to Fulton County agriculture and its communities.  

Eligible recipients of the award are those who have made their significant contributions in Ohio and have had a long tenure in their field or endeavor, preferably 25 years or more. The recipients would include one or both of the following:   

1) A farmer or breeder who has made a major contribution to the land and the products thereof 

2) Someone who has worked in an agriculture-related activity or agri-business.   

The 2024 Agricultural Hall of Fame awards will be presented at a dinner in August, where past recipients of the award will also be invited.  A list of previous winner biographies can be found at go.osu.edu/fultoncountyhofwinners 

Individuals or organizations who would like to make nominations can obtain application forms at go.osu.edu/fultonhof or at the Fulton County OSU Extension Office, 8770 State Route 108, Suite A, Wauseon, 419-337-9210.  Completed nominations should be mailed to the Extension Office or emailed to Lovejoy.59@osu.edu by July 10. 

There will be a display of all Fulton County Agricultural Hall of Fame members at the Fulton County Fair and pictures and biographies of the current year’s recipients are also displayed in the foyer of the Robert Fulton Agriculture Center on State Route 108. 


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